Turning Capability

Between 8 CNC Horizontal Lathes and 4 CNC Vertical Lathes, with live spindle capabilities, A&D Precision Machining has the ability to handle all aspects of medium to heavy turning requirements.

Grinding Capability

A&D Precision Machining has extensive experience in the field of CNC Cylindrical Grinding, with 3 CNC Cylindrical Grinders

Milling Capability

We are capable of handling a full range of milling requirements up to 100+ ton components requiring heavy cuts while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Assembly Capability

At A&D Precision Machining, we take great pride in being able to assemble our customers' products with the finished components that we previously machined:



Facility Size 2 buildings with a total area of 61 000 sq. feet. Building height is 50 feet, 33 feet under hook.
Overhead Cranes 6 overhead cranes with a max lifting capacity of 120 tonnes.

Machine Capacity

10 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Max. vertical height of 240" on a 13' by 15' table, capable of up to 100 imperial tonnes. Machines have 7 axis capabilities.
8 Horizontal Lathes Max swing of 110" with a distance of 43 feet between centres. Capable of holding up to 80 tons.
4 CNC Vertical Lathes Max swing of 326" and vertical height of 160" under tool. Capable of holding up to 150 tons and features live tool capability.
2 CNC Heavy Duty Roller Grinder Max swing of 80" with a distance of 33 feet between centres. Capable of holding up to 80 tons.
Deep Hole Drillings Capable of 7.5" diameter holes up to 120" deep while achieving a 63 rms surface finish or better.